Come to visit our city. Instead of staying in hotels or hostels, check out the vacation rental apartments that the [company name] offers. Less bureaucracy, lower cost, greater privacy and freedom are some of the advantages of renting an vacation rental apartment. Check out the available apartments, some with up to 45% off.

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Casa com Piscina e Sala de Jogos em Araçoiaba da Serra/SP

3 Rooms Max 17 persons

Multitemporada presents the House with Pool and Games Room in Araçoiaba da Serra/SP, a cozy and comfortable space, perfect for your meeting with friends and family. The property stands out for its location and quality of space: pl...

* Price valid for 12 persons. Price for addition guest R$ 55,00

R$ 700,00
per night *

Estufa com Vista para Lagoa - Recanto Virgínia

1 Room Max 5 persons

Multitemporada presents the Estufa with Lagoa View - Recanto Virgínia, a private, cozy and pleasant property for all the family and friends. Its privileged location has native forests, waterfall with a waterfall, mountains and esp...

* Price valid for 3 persons. Price for addition guest R$ 65,00

R$ 380,00
per night *

Casa com Piscina na Praia da Ferrugem/SC

2 Rooms Max 4 persons

A Multitemporada apresenta a Casa com Piscina na Praia da Ferrugem/SC, um espaço aconchegante e agradável, perfeito para seus encontros familiares. A propriedade tem como destaque a sua localização, Praia da Ferrugem, um dos lugar...

R$ 75,00
per night

Casa da Cachoeira em Rancho Queimado/SC

1 Room Max 4 persons

Multitemporada presents Casa da Cachoeira, belonging to the municipality of Rancho Queimado/SC, a very cozy and pleasant 5-hectare space, perfect for couples and family. The property stands out for its location and view, being in ...

R$ 400,00
per night

Sítio Morada do Pai em Canelinha/SC

4 Rooms Max 15 persons presents the Sítio Morada Do Pai, a refuge bathed in the sun and surrounded by nature to the sound of the waterfall very close to the free flight tracks Morro da Pipa and Santa Paulina. We have available a wood ...

* Price valid for 10 persons. Price for addition guest R$ 50,00

R$ 550,00
per night *